More than 50 years of experience in the plastic industry
Miniland Group has manufactured products according its clients’ requirements since 1962, when the company founded by the Sempere Navarro family began the industrial manufacture of its first plastic pieces.
Currently, Miniland Group has clients in over 60 countries as a result of an international corporate strategy emphasizing quality production, diversification, and an ongoing commitment to innovation.

Miniland Group

Miniland New Concepts

New Concepts, New Solutions
From its 15,000 m 2 manufacturing plant in Alicante, Spain, Miniland New Concepts offers a wide range of packaging options, whether new products or improvements of the existing packaging of its customers, especially within the food industry.
All of this is part of the Miniland Group’s ongoing commitment to providing the best solutions and innovations to meet their customers’ needs, and to add significant value to the final product.


Miniland has developed its line of grinders in accordance with the requirements of its clients and their customers. Both adjustable and non-adjustable grinders are reliable and easy to use.
Top-quality materials and state-of-the-art engineering design of each component result in grinders that can be used for all kinds of salts and spices.

Miniland New Concepts offers numerous possibilities to customize your grinder in order to meet your specific needs:

  • Adding your logo in the lid (printed or engraved)
  • Choosing the exterior design (color, transparent or opaque, a particular shape, ...).
  • Optimal choice of materials.
  • A tamper-evident ring or seal.
  • Refillable or single-use grinders.
  • Any other specification you might have.

And, if you prefer a completely customized grinder with special features, the Technical Department of Miniland will create it for you.



Miniland New Concepts is aware of the importance of the packaging to consumers, and will design solutions to add value to your product.
From plastic cases and lids to special caps, closures and IML, Miniland creates packaging that not only works best, but that also looks great!


The R&D department of Miniland is constantly developing new products to meet our client’s needs, employing innovation that adds value to the final product.
This includes 3D designs, prototypes, pilot molds, and production molds that are manufactured with an emphasis on quality, costs, design and the suitability of the packaging for the manufacturing processes.


The main aim of the project is to develop biopackaging for organic and eco product lines that offers the same environmental credentials as the product that it contains through a combination of nanotechnology and active packaging. It will be based on an environmentally friendly biomaterial such as a PLA bionanocomposite and a natural active agent with antioxidant properties. The incorporation of natural antioxidants in the packaging is to delay the degradation of cosmetic creams.
The BioBeauty consortium consists of 8 partners from 5 different countries: Spain, Scotland, Slovenia, Netherlands and France. The partners are ITENE, Heriot Watt University, Alissi Brontë, Alan Coar, Vitiva, Martin Snidjer Holding BV, ETS Bugnon and Miniland.

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Miniland New Concepts

P. Ind. La Marjal I
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03430 ONIL (Alicante) Spain
Tel: +34 965 564 950 Fax: +34 965 565 454

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